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MP Pack Corporation is a member company of Tan Thanh Dong corporation – a corporation with extensive experience in the packaging industry in Vietnam. MP Pack consists of professionals with experience and enthusiasm in the packaging industry in Vietnam.30th May 2014, MP Pack Joint Stock Company got the business registration certificate issued by Department of Planning and Investment, the Company started producing from Sep 2015.

Currently, the company invests in modern and advance technique machinery and equipment, along with more than 120 employees who are professional, experienced and skilled.MP Pack provide products as ordered by customer with stable quality and competitive price to meet customer requirements


Providing superior products of Packaging with international quality, high creative and uniqueness. Besides the value of outstanding quality in every product-service, which carries cultural messages, in order to satisfy the needs of customers.

Enhancing the spirit of cooperation and development; commit to become “The No.1 companion” of partners, always increase the value of the investment attractiveness and sustainability.


Guided by its pioneering aspirations as well as a sustainable investment-development strategy, MP PACK is currently striving to become one of the leaders in manufacturing of corrugated cardboard in Vietnam.

MP PACK aspires to establish its Vietnamese brand, demonstrating Vietnamese intellectual prominence and pride in the international arena.


With the view that customers are our best valuable asset, we effort to achieve customers’ satisfaction. Our business philosophy is “Our customer satisfaction is our goal and motivation to develop the company” .

Understand that achieving customer satisfaction is difficult, we are trying our best to “Always provide and continuously improve our best products and services, ensure the quality and reliability, increase value of products and services providing to customer”.

Pham Thi Hoa Binh Manager

MPP – CONNECT TO SUCCESS, RAISE TO HIGHER LEVELOur customer satisfaction is our goal and motivation to develop the company


  • Developing human resources, ensuring all employees are satisfied by physical and mental benefits, giving employees opportunities to develop and improve themselves along with the development of the Company.
  • Recognizing the value of creativity and contribution of all members of the Company.
  • Taking customer satisfaction as goal and motivation of all activities of the Company.
  • Focusing on results, all members have the responsibility to build, develop and protect the brand and reputation of the company.
  • Cooperating with partners in a spirit of trust, respect, equality for win-win results.
  • Sharing with the community for the development of society.


We commit to:

  • Timely provide products as ordered by customer with stable quality and competitive price to meet customer requirements.
  • Timely serve our customer with caring and thoughtful manner to satisfy customer expectation.
  • Complete and constantly improve the management system to ensure the quality, reliability and efficiency.
  • Train to improve the capacity and skills of our employees.


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